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Our LEDtech LED pool lights use surface mount device LED’s, SMD LED’s are very good at heat transfer to the surface they are mounted on, this greater cooling effect for the LED allows the LED to maintain its rated light output for a longer time increasing the life of the light. The wide angle of light produced also makes a greater spread of light within the pool to minimise dark areas. All the electronics and LED’s in our lights are completely resin filled thus eliminating any chance of leakage of water into the light which is one of the primary causes of standard incandescent light failures. As all the microprocessor control circuitry and special LED driver power supplies are built into the light, no other external items are required other than a simple 12 volt power supply. The control of the lights is simply by using the existing pool light switch to send ON/OFF commands to the light to step through the built in programs until the desired fixed colour or colour changing program is reached. When the desired program is reached it will remain at that program until another is selected.  



FM546p FM546s FM252 LED pool light swimming pool lamp LEDtech


Enjoy the benefits of much greater reliability, longer operating life and lower running costs compared to standard incandescent lamps. Swimming pool lighting adds an extra dynamic to your pool, especially using LED lighting. Using LED’s allows the light output to be an infinitely variable mix of the different colours of the individual LED’s. From soft light blues, bright purples and greens and traditional whites, you choose what suits your mood or compliments your landscaping from a range of fixed static colours or a selection of colour changing programs. Select from a range of 16 different programs including fixed colours and colour changing programs all built into the light, no external controller is required.  The lights have a memory function so that the last user selected fixed colour or colour changing program will be the one to resume when the light is next turned on.


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There are several installation options and finishes in either UV resistant ABS plastic or 316 grade polished stainless steel. The lights are suitable for retrofit into existing pools or for new build pools and are either hung on a wall mounted bracket or on a special thru-mounted bracket for thin walled pools. Multiple lights can be installed in the same pool with all lights automatically synchronising with each other. Power is supplied via a simple 2 wire connection and all controlled by the existing light switch. In most retrofits the existing 12 volt power supply can be used. The lights are available with different options of cable length


Flat Mounted LED Lights
FM Series

FM546p FM546s FM252 LED pool light swimming pool lamp LEDtech

Designed to be mounted flat on the pool wall using the supplied bracket our FM series of lights have proved extremely popular over many years. An affordable upgrade to existing lights or for new pools these lights are available in either a white frame or 316 grade stainless steel. The lights have 16 selectable colour programs

Replacement LED modules
LM Series

LM series PAR56 replacement spare LED light lamp module swimming pool

Our LM series of lights allow simple replacement of the commonly used PAR56 pool lamp. If you want to upgrade to LED lighting and have PAR56 lights installed these light modules will give you a long life reliable alternative. These modules have the same 16 colour programs as our other lights.

Thru Mounted LED Lights
TM Series

TM series TM546 thru mount mounting LED swimming pool light

With a thru wall mounting bracket, our LM series of lights provide a simple way of securing the light to a thin walled pool. The cable passes through the sealed centre of the bracket. The lights can allow LED light fitment to existing pools where no lights have been installed. The lights have 16 selectable colours programs

Accessories and spares

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We carry a range of spare parts for all the lights we sell. We also stock power supplies for the lights and adapters to help fit the lights into a variety of installations, including an adaptor to retrofit the lights into the most popular recessed niche fittings. Let us know what you need and I’m sure we can help.

Based in Christchurch New Zealand, VEELA NZ has been supplying smart keyless access solutions and LED swimming pool lights for over a decade. Get in touch and see if we can help you out with a solution to your building project.

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