A 316 grade stainless steel LED bracket mounted wall light with 546 bright SMD LED’s. Suitable for salt or chlorine pools. Each light has 16 user selectable programs with 8 fixed colours and 8 colour changing programs all controlled by the existing light switch and with all the required control electronics built within the  light. Suitable for retrofit or new pool installs and fully resin filled to protect against leakage. Available with 1.5m, 10m or 20m cables.

  • 100% resin filled water proof
  • 546 bright SMD LED’s
  • 16 programs with simple ON/OFF control
  • Suitable for salt or chlorine pools
  • Long reliable life with 2 year warranty
  • All control electronics built within light module
  • Memory function
  • Requires only a simple 12 volt power supply
  • Energy efficient LED technology
  • Mounting bracket supplied


The 16 different programs are listed below, 8 fixed colours and 8 colour changing

  • 100% resin filled water proof IP68 rated
  • 16 programs – 8 fixed colours and 8 changing colours
  • 316 grade stainless steel body suitable for salt or chlorine pools
  • Long reliable life with 2 year warranty
  • All control electronics built within light module
  • 12-14 volts AC or DC (AC required for multiple light installations)
  • 30 watts or approximately 1.5 amps
  • 220mm diameter 40mm depth
  • 546 high brightness SMD LED’s
  • 120 degree wide beam angle
  • Controlled by existing light switch

The FM46 light is designed to be mounted flat on the wall using the supplied bracket. It can be adapted for different pool constructions. Allow for approximately 1m of cable to be coiled and stowed behind the light to allow the light to be lifted to the surface for replacement if required. The cable exit point is resin filled to eliminate any risk of leakage. In the case of retrofits usually a light with a 1.5m cable is used and the cable is joined to the existing wiring using a waterproof connection or routed back to a junction box or termination point. For new installs the lights are available with a 10m or 20m cable.

Frequently Asked Questions.
How do the 16 programs work
A total of 16 programs are available at the flick of your existing light switch, 7 different fixed colours and 9 different colour changing programs, from slowly fading to rapid vibrant changing effects. To select which program you want, simply cycle the existing light switch OFF then ON for approx 1 second and the light will change to the next fixed colour or colour changing program, you can repeat this until you reach the colour or program you want. Your last selection is memorized allowing the light to resume the same program when the light is turned on the next night
What if I only want one colour?

Our LEDtech lights have 16 programs, 7 of which are fixed colours. You can choose if you want to just to have one of the fixed colours always used just by selecting the colour you want, the light will always remain with that colour until it is signalled again by the special OFF/ON for 1 second command from the existing light switch, eg: if you only wish to have dark blue as the selected colour, just step through the programs until you reach dark blue, the light will then remain on dark blue.

Some of our lights are available with only blue or only white LED's instead of the mix of red, green and blues LED's found in the colour changing lights. This option is good if you will never need the ability to change the lights colour as when all the LED's are one colour the light output is generally higher than that of the colour changing lights

What is the memory function?
When the power is removed from the light for greater than 10 seconds the light remebers its last program, eg: if you have selected dark blue and turned the pool lights off for the night, when turned on the next night the light will just resume the dar blue colour. This is ideal if the lights are controlled by a timer.
How many lights does my pool need?

There are several factors governing amount of lighting required in a pool. The colour of the pool walls has a significant effect on the resultant visual look of the pool with the lights operating, light coloured pool walls reflect light well and allow the best effect from the different colours, dark coloured walls do not reflect as well and some colours such as red appear a lot dimmer.

We have found over the years that pools of 8m x 4m or smaller can be adequately lit with one light with 546 or more LED's installed at the end of the pool, in many retrofit cases where only one light has been previously installed even in larger pools customers are more than happy with the results. In larger pools to create an even spread of light we recommend 2 or more lights installed across the longer side wall of the pool. If possible when designing the lighting, consideration should be given to where the primary entertaining areas will be so that the lights can be installed on that side, this helps to avoid looking across and directly into the bright lighting, it is much better to be looking away from the lighting. Call us to discuss the needs for your pool

What if I need to replace my light in the future?
When installed the installer should coil and stow approx 1m of cable behind the light, or enough to allow the light to be lifted from its mounting bracket to the surface and a replacement light connected. The lights have clips to allow the excess cable to be stored tidily behind the light.
How is the light connected?
Our LEDtech lights are fully resin filled including where the power supply cable enters the light. In other lights where the wiring terminates to the light can create a potential source of leakage, having the cable entry point sealed eliminates this. Our lights come with different length cables to allow a continuous run of cable back to the connection point. For retro fitting it may be necessary to create a waterproof join to connect the new light to the existing wiring
What power supply do I need?
LED lighting uses substantially less power than standard incandescent lighting. A typical incandescent pool light can draw anything from 150 watts to 300 watts. Our lights require a small 12 volt AC power supply capable of supplying between 20 watts to 60 watts depending on the model of light used. The lights can operate from a suitable 12 volt DC supply but only where one light is installed, if multiple lights are installed in the same pool, each power supply needs to be AC to allow the lights to synchronize correctly with each other. Australian and New Zealand electrical regulations require each pool light to be supplied from its own safety isolating transformer. It is extremely important that the power supply conforms to the local regulations, if any doubt exists please consult an electrician.
What if my lights become out of sync with each other?
Multiple lights can be installed in the same pool and all controlled by the existing light switch, they will all operate together with the colour changing programs smoothly staying in sync with each other. If for some reason the lights become out of sync it is a simple matter to get them in sync again. Just turn the lights OFF for 30 seconds, then turn them ON, then OFF for 2 seconds, then ON, then OFF for 2 seconds then back ON, all lights should now be reset back to the same program
What is the warranty?
Although our lights should provide a reliable long life as with any electronic device failures can occur, we will replace the light within a 2 year period from delivery for any failures resulting from a manufacturing failure. Lights are not covered from defects occuring from incorrect power supplies, incorrect installation and physical damage such as damage caused by being used as a step to enter or exit the pool.    or call us    0274882544

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